Printed Carrier Bags

Cotton and Jute Bags

Cotton and jute bags are among our most popular products at Printed Bags UK. They are strong and durable and have a much longer life than many other types of bag which uses flimsier material. They can be personally branded to match any design that you require and can be made to order in terms of size and volume. Make your business stand out from the crowd by showcasing your brand wherever your cus

Polythene Mailing Bags

Polythene mailing bags are one of the most popular bags on the planet. Used mainly for shipping and distribution services, they are designed to be cost-effective and strong. They are posted around the globe every day and need to be durable enough to take every bump and bang it receives in transit whilst keeping it's contents intact and safe. Custom printed designs can be branded onto each side

Printed Polythene Bags

Polythene bags are the most popular carrier bags in the world. They can be used to protect their contents from all weather conditions as well as carry the brand of the company who sold them the product. Our custom printed polythene bags come in all shapes and sizes and are made to order to ensure custom printed designs are clearly visible on either side of their surface to ensure for maximum adver

Plastic Carrier Bags

Custom Printed Plastic Carrier Bags Custom printed 1 Colour 2 Sides Size: 8 x 12 inches - Prices from £151 per 1000 bags Size: 10 x 12 inches - Prices from £155 per 1000 bags Size: 10 x 12 x 3 inches - Prices from £155 per 1000 bags Size: 12 x 14 x 3 inches - Prices from £160 per 1000 bags Size: 12 x 16 x 3 inches - Prices from £165 per 1000 bags Size: 16 x 18 x 3

Paper Bags

Our range of paper bags offer many differing ways to carry your produce. Large areas on either side and options for side and bottom gussets ensure that a custom design can be printed to any surface to ensure that your company's emblem is shown loud and proud as your customers carry their products in their custom printed paper bags. The large choice of luxury handles enable comfortable transit o

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