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Similar to cotton bags, we have seen a huge increase in popularity aimed towards our jute collection of carriers. Our jute bags are considered to be a more durable option than the cotton range. Jute is a natural cloth-like fibre spun into a coarse thread before being woven into a strong and durable fabric. The natural colouring of the fibre is appealing to our clients and is seen more of an environmentally friendly product as it’s natural colouring can be used as it is without the need for dying it.

We also offer jute bags in a varied range of base colours and can be custom printed on both sides of the bag to offer high quality at competitive prices from a friendly service. These jute bags are bio-degradable and offer an eco-friendly solution to the problems. By employing such eco-friendly techniques as a company, you will be investing in a cost-effective plan that could ensure customer retention.

Our range of jute bags come with the option to choose from a varied catalogue of handle styles and lengths, the bags themselves can be dyed to particular colours of your choice and all our bags are custom printed. Print your companies logo onto them and they’re sure to be real head turners.

The natural strength of the jute fibres ensure that our custom printed jute bags collection are one of the finest quality, eco-friendly and durable bags available in the market today.

Specification:Jute Bags
Choice Of SizesVarious size (on application)
PrintingSingle colour to 6 colours
ColourNatural jute or dyed
Order QuantityMin. 100
DeliveryUK 7-10 days, India 10-12 weeks
NoteJute is an agro based natural fibre spun into coarse thread. The thread. The thread created is woven into fabric. In its natural form it is rustic golden and is often called "The Golden Fibre". It is biodegradable and can be recycled like paper and cotton. Jute fibre is strong and durable