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Polythene mailing bags are one of the most popular bags on the planet. Used mainly for shipping and distribution services, they are designed to be cost-effective and strong. They are posted around the globe every day and need to be durable enough to take every bump and bang it receives in transit whilst keeping it’s contents intact and safe.

Custom printed designs can be branded onto each side of our polythene mailing bags and with 100% design coverage, you are able to ensure that each delivery is received with class as your company logo reaches every continent in rapid speeds. Our polythene mailing bags are made to order and can be bought in bulk to keep up with the demand of the modern day need to ship goods in and out of your company boundaries.

Purchasing a well designed and custom printed batch of polythene mailing bags is the right way to proceed if you are looking for your message to reach the furthest reaches of the distribution world. Printed Bags UK offer the widest range of bags on the market and our catalogue of polythene mailing bags are the most popular of the lot!

Specification:Polythene Mailing Bags
Choice Of SizesAny Sizes Small Medium Large
PrintingUp to 6 colours
Order QuantityMin 5000
MaterialLDPE / COEX Material
Delivery3-6 weeks
NotePermanent and resealable adhesive strips *Metallic Subject to Order Quantity.