Top 3 Tips For Designing Epic Bespoke Printed Bags

In today’s competitive markets, branding is not only about creating something that looks good anymore. Today’s day and age insists that branding should take on a whole different dimension: As the competition grows ever-stronger in every industry, companies are using their advertising possibilities to really dig deep and find ways of using the same advertisement slot but optimise it to better portray the message they’re trying to perceive. When deciding whether or not to get your own bespoke printed bags you need to be thoughtful in your designs and create an image that not only looks good but states authority, instils trust and delivers a message that will stamp itself onto the mind of the consumer.

‘But I’m not a designer, how do I create a great design that will leave an impression?’

This is a question we get asked a lot here at Printed Bags UK, so we’ve put together a short post about ways to optimise the space you have on your bespoke printed bags and effectively use what you had before but gain better results from it. Our top 3 tips are:

#1 Your logo needs to be remembered

Although your logo is just a picture and not your brand message, a picture can sometimes tell a thousand words. Your branding should be a mixture between your logo, your motto and your interaction with customers. Basically, a brand is the image that you want people to see you as, so you need to be able to show that when you’re thinking about the logo for your bespoke printed bags. Your logo will be the part that people will recognise as yours therefore it needs to be a memorable one.

#2 Use What you have to portray your message

Effectively using the space you have on your bespoke printed bags will stand you in good stead with regard to repeat custom. An effective custom print will be remembered by the end consumer and will help towards repeated sales. Twinned with excellent quality that is the bag itself, then you can ensure your brand image on the bag will be re-used time and time again to gain maximum advertising credentials at a marginal cost. Clever bag usage should always be considered as well, meaning that if you are a company who sell eco-friendly products then give your customers a bio-degradable bag; if you’re a company selling waterproof products then offer your customers waterproof receptacles in the form of laminated bespoke printed bags.

#3 Have bespoke printed bags for every occasion

The last thing you need is a fantastic batch of bespoke printed bags that will wow the consumer but struggle to distribute them because you don’t sell the right products to go inside them. It would be pointless having large bags if you only sell engagement rings and likewise the same would also be true if you had small bags but were selling larger items that couldn’t fit into them. So, to ensure you’re always prepared, it is advised that you order a wide range of different sizes to ensure that whenever your customers buy any products from you whether they be big or small, heavy or tall, you will be able to provide them with a excellently designed bespoke printed bags available for any given situation.

So there you have it, our 3 top tips for getting the best out of your bags. From designing the logo to ordering your batches, you should have a better idea of the power that these bespoke printed bags can have in terms of advertising, brand awareness and memorable features. Get your custom printed bags today at Printed Bags UK and harness the power for yourself and your business.